Over recent years several buildings, including the local heritage listed Dairy Cottage, have been carefully restored. Native vegetation, grasslands, woodlands and forests have also been regenerated and over 110,000 trees and shrubs grown and planted.


Native vegetation has been restored through plantings, re-vegetation and bush regeneration along the waterways, along the South Tacoma road and around wetlands.

Wildlife habitats like wetlands, native grasslands, woodlands and forests on the Reserve have also been restored while at the same time maintaining open areas for recreation and areas for cattle grazing, the traditional European land use of the site

The Dairy Cottage was restored to its 1910 condition and the Hannan Shed has been upgraded.The old Milking Bails and the Old Feed Troughs and the Silos have been preserved to demonstrate the dairying history of the Site. The Silos will be restored and modified for uses consistent with demonstrating the past history of dairying on site.