About Us

Pioneer Dairy, is a large parcel of open space land situated between Tuggerah and Wyong regional centres. The Reserve is predominantly cleared land that for the longer, and most recent, term was, and is, used for dairying.

The Reserve has been the subject of much debate and negotiations amongst past owners and their attempts to sell the site for development. Community groups fought to save the site from development, and numerous Government departments were involved throughout the process, which lasted over several years.

The Reserve Board have developed the following, vision, cores business statement and objectives for the site.


"Central Coast Wetlands - Pioneer Dairy is a place of open space and natural areas providing our community with low impact recreation, environmental and heritage education and an escape from the pressures of modern life".

Core Business Statement

"An economically sustainable business based around the social, community, heritage, educational and ecological values of the site".

Plan of Management Objectives

  • To conserve the biodiversity and maintain ecosystem functions, and habitat features of the wetland, watercourses and associated native vegetation within the reserve.
  • To enhance the natural values of the reserve through the restoration and regeneration of degraded bush land and watercourses.
  • To protect the scenic quality, natural landscape character and aesthetic value of the reserve.
  • To protect and enhance the European heritage of the former Pioneer Dairy through proper conservation management and restoration of existing historical items.
  • To enhance community understanding of the natural values of the reserve and its ecological importance through education and interpretation.
  • To enhance the community understanding of the cultural values of the dairy and it's importance in the history of the settlement of Wyong.
  • To provide for community use and access to the Reserve at an appropriate level and in such a way as will minimize and mitigate any disturbance caused by human intrusion; and.
  • To establish the necessary infrastructure and means of ongoing funding to achieve the above listed objectives.

Opening Hours

Seven days per week from 8.30am to 5pm